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Research Overview

The central theme of our research concerns how humans use both internal (e.g., visceral) and external (e.g., environmental stimuli) cues to construct an experience of the world. Often times the true source of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours lies outside of our awareness, implicitly shaping our experiences. Much of the work in our lab is focused on understanding which internal and external cues guide our experiences and behaviours, as well as the interpretive processes that mediate their influence. We are interested not only in how such cues shape traditional emotional experiences, but also how they inform our evaluations and judgments in the domains of memory and perception.

One approach that our lab is currently using involves combining behavioural experiments with psychophysiological measures (skin conductance, cardiovascular measures, facial muscle activity, EEG/ERP) to link underlying changes in physiology to subjective feeling states and corresponding behaviours. We are also interested in understanding how our ability to perceive bodily changes (i.e., interoception) may be related to constructive processes that utilize internal bodily cues to shape our experiences.