Principal Investigator

Graduate Students

Michelle A. Dollois – Ph.D. candidate, M.Sc. in Psychology, B.A.H. in Psychology and Early Modern Studies; Minor in French.

My research is focused on investigating how strategies for attention and memory can be observed in physiological change; with special focus on the behavioural costs of anticipation and preparation, and stimulus-locked shifts in heart rate and respiration. I am also exploring what cues are used when making memory predictions. Currently, we are manipulating motoric fluency to see how the procedural memory associated with an item can influence the impressions we have of our future memory. 

Skylar J. Laursen – Ph.D candidate, M.Sc. in Psychology, B.Sc.H in Psychology: Brain and Cognition; Minors in Neuroscience and Criminal Justice and Public Policy

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My research is focused on how individuals use a variety of intrinsic and extrinsic cues when evaluating their learning and predicting their future memory performance. More specifically, I look at how cues, such as context, fluency, and test experience, impact how individuals monitor their learning and make decisions to continue studying or to re-study recently acquired information.

Katherine R. Churey – Ph.D student, M.Sc. in Psychology, B.Sc.H in Biology and Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour

Broadly, my research focuses on how cognitive mechanisms such as self-monitoring may affect future memory for order. More specifically, I will be looking at how making judgements of one’s own learning during study could influence the relational processing that occurs, which I will be evaluating in terms of the temporal contiguity effect.

Colleen Davies – M.Sc. student

Anna Kazatchkova – M.Sc. student

Undergraduate Students

Lab Manager

2019/2020: Greer Gillies H.B.Sc. in Psychology: Brain & Cognition.  

Previous Graduate Students

Evan E. Mitton – M.Sc. in Psychology, B.A.H in Psychology; Minor in Neuroscience.

Previous Undergraduate Students & Research Volunteers

2023/24: Elizabeth Ellsworth (volunteer), Mary-Therese Saad (volunteer), Senadee Atapattu (volunteer), Stefanie Atkinson (volunteer)

2022/23: Anna Kazatchkova, Emma Powers, Jessica Pun, Miranda Chan, Natasha Saccon, Robyn Mahood, Stefanie Atkinson (volunteer)

2021/22: Alexander Knight, Brooke Farrell, Dana Aronowitz, Emilie McNamara, Emma Powers, Natasha Saccon

2020/21: Brianna Mitton, Dorina Sluka, Hassan Anees, Kayla Robinson, Krystal Chang

2019/20: Brianna Mitton, Cole Poore-Buchhaupt, Gillian Conley, Hassan Anees, Jennifer Wilson, Sierra Goldfinger, Silas Manning

2018/19: Anne Parmentier, Dana Strauss, Emma Littler, Gillian Conley, Jasmyn Skinner, Rachel Kelly, Skylar Laursen

2017/18: Amanda Glouchkow, Andrew Clarke, Emma Littler, Evan Mitton, Jade Langille, Kayla Lantigua, Skylar Laursen